• Image of Deflowered Cunt ‎- A Cuntwork Orange / Sete Star Sept - Killer Bug
  • Image of Deflowered Cunt ‎- A Cuntwork Orange / Sete Star Sept - Killer Bug
  • Image of Deflowered Cunt ‎- A Cuntwork Orange / Sete Star Sept - Killer Bug

Label: Bringer Of Gore
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered
Released: 2017
Style: Noisecore
Info: Deflowered Cunt / Sete Star Sept

Side A Deflowered Cunt
01. Ass Meets Face Meets Meat
02. This Is Sin!
03. Here's The Punishment Element, Perhaps
04. I Was Cured Alright
05. Synthmesc
06. A Bit Of The Old Ultra-Violence
07. No Time For The Old In-N-Out
08. Goregeousity Made Flesh
09. As I Slooshied
10. Do You Still Feel Suicidal?
11. Eunuch Jelly
12. Cabbages, Knickers
13. I'll Smash Your Face For You
14. You Sold Me A Crummy Watch, I Want My Money Back
15. Eggyweggs
16. Viddy Well
17. Mindless Greeding Bulldog
18. The Pain And Sickness Was All Over Me Like An Animal
19. Portable Picnic Players
20. Devil Trumpets
21. Angel Trombones
22. You Are Invited
23. Huzzy Warrles
24. O My Brother
25. Great Bolshy Yarblockos
26. Droogs
27. The Police!
28. Shagged And Fagged And Fashed
29. It Being A Night Of No Small Expenditure
30. Violence Makes Violence
31. Bit Cold And Pointless Isn't It My Lovely?
32. No Real Choice
33. That Grotesque Act Of Self Arasement
34. Joy Before The Angels Of God
35. What Crime Did You Commit?
36. C-Block
37. Transformed Out Of All Recognition
38. You Are Not Cured Yet Boy
39. Cockles And Mussels
40. You Filthy Old Soomka
41. You Bastard Cowards!
42. This Stinking World
43. Munchy-Wunching
44. Try The Wine!
45. A Pain In The Gulliver
46. You Can Rely On Me Friend
47. She Was Very Badly Raped
48. The Real Horrowshow
49. Punishment Means Nothing To Them
50. Shut Your Bleeding Hole
51. One Moment Of Pain
52. Can You Spare Me Some Cutter, Me Brothers?
53. I've Suffered Tortures Of The Damned, Sir
54. Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, A Homosexual?
55. Real Savage
56. You Are Now A Murderer
57. You Try To Frighten Me
58. Your Victim Has Died
59. Don't Mind Us
60. A Quick Bas In The Chops
61. A New For Of Torture
62. She Was Breathing! I Swear It!
63. We'll Hold Him Down
64. Laughs And Lashings
65. Dirty Old Drunkie
66. Stinking Rotten Guts
67. Action Now. Observe All
68. Don't Laugh, Damn You!
69. Evidence Of The Old Glazzies
70. A Very Special Visitor
71. Where's My Snake?
72. What Are We Gonna Do?
73. Righty-Right
74. Real Horror-Show Disguises
75. That's Exactly Who I Am Sir! A Victim Sir!
76. Tortured In Prison
77. 655321
78. Let's Get Em Boys!
79. A Rather Intolerable Pain
80. No Respect For Your Horrible Self
81. A Confession Of Failure
82. Cut Out This Clever Talk
83. No. No. No!
84. Ludwic Van
85. When A Man Cannot Choose, He Ceases To Be A Man

Side B Sete Star Sept
01. In Order To Encounter
02. Six Poison
03. Murderer In The Mirror
04. Fill The Loneliness
05. Killer Bug
06. Prone To Indiscretion
07. Exploit Everything From You