• Image of New York Against The Belzebu / Lo-Fi - With Doubt On The Ways Of God

Label: SPHC, Läjä Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", EP, Limited Edition
Released: 2017
Style: Grindcore, Punk, Thrash
Info: New York Against The Belzebu / Lo-Fi

Side A New York Against The Belzebu
01. Last Pain
02. Last Zona Lest
03. Last Mania
04. Last Depeche Mode Riff
05. Last E.N.T. Rehearsal
06. Last Scream In The Life
07. Last War Commando
08. Geoff Is Goth
09. Last Fusquinha
10. Last Sun Of The Bitch
11. Last Lava A Jato In Barraco 13
12. Joy Division Sucks
13. Last Mistake
14. Last Dog
15. Last Hour

Side B Lo-Fi
01. A Special Place In My Heart
02. Four Letter Word
03. We Doubt The Ways Of God
04. What Is Justice
05. The Last Goodbye