• Image of Scataholic - Coprophiliac Rapist
  • Image of Scataholic - Coprophiliac Rapist

Scataholic - Coprophiliac Rapist
Label: Testicular Records
Format: CDr, EP
Released: 2018
Style: Goregrind
Info: Scataholic

01. From My Asshole Into Your Mouth
02. Let Me Take A Shit On You
03. Pansexual Cunt Frisbees
04. Morbid Cock Addiction
05. Penetrating The Corpse
06. Feminists Call Me A Misogynist Pig
07. Getting Bitches & Cash Like Harvey Weinstein
08. Coprophiliac Rapist
09. Cracking Your Bowel
10. To Find Out How Many Genders There Are, Check Out The Length Of This Song
11. Angry Foreigners Lurking In The Park
12. Worldwide Rape Epidemic
13. Depraved Transsexual Fuckfest
14. Puzzy Zlayer 666
15. Drinking Menstruation Straight From The Pussy
16. Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace
17. Smeared Scat Aids
18. Whining About Racism Is Stupid And Gay
19. I Don't Pick Up Bitches, Bitches Pick Up Me
20. You Fat Fuck. Feat Yungranch
21. The Autistic Melody Of Doom