• Image of Sedem Minút Strachu / Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction
  • Image of Sedem Minút Strachu / Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction

Sedem Minút Strachu - Bullshit Serenade In 24 Parts / Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction - In The Eye Of The Beholder...
Label: Bringer Of Gore
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered
Released: 2016
Style: Noisecore
Info: Sedem Minút Strachu / Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction

Side A Sedem Minút Strachu
01. Demented Intro For Dements By Dements
02. Zip You, Delete You, Fuck You
03. I Can't Be A Nazi 'Cause Skrewdriver Is Boring As Fuck
04. Multimedia Is The Tunnel, The Lie Is The Light
05. No Onion No Cry (Fuck Reggae And Fuck Ska Remix)
06. All Nsbm Is Just 3rd Rate Blasphemy Rip Off
07. She Was Fucked By Various Artists
08. Short But Epic
09. You Owe Me Nothing, I Owe You Shit
10. You Hope For Bathory Reunion
11. Stroboscope Song
12. Stop All McDonald's Riots Now! We Need Public Toilets
13. All The Songs Are The Same
14. Don't Forget To Check Out Our Thanklist, You Never Know ...
15. Venom On iPhone, Redbull And Vans
16. So The Last Shall Be First ... Reads lazy Fuckers Always Win
17. Deche-Charge Would Fit 6 Songs Here Instead Of This One
18. We Are Afraid Of To Publish This Songtitle
19. The Sad Song (We Still Don't Have A Split With Agathocles)
20. Schizopiranha, Piranhanoya, Insane Meth, Rest In Space
21. This Could Be Such A Great Untitled Song
22. Adidas Is So Ungrind
23. This Song Re-Charges Your Debility
24. Erich Keller, We Commin' At Ya!

Side B Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction
01. War Dead
02. Down A Steep Slope, Save
03. No Cure
04. Charge Of Subversive Activity
05. In THe Eye Of The Beholder...