• Image of Tu Carne / Cannibe
  • Image of Tu Carne / Cannibe

Label: Goressimo Records
Format: CD
Released: 2016
Style: Goregrind
Info: Tu Carne / Cannibe

Tu Carne - ...Oh, My God!
01. ...Oh, My God!
02. El Cerdo
03. Sacrificio
Cannibe - Spasmodic Contraction Of The Muscular Coat Of The Smaller Divisions Of The Bronch
04. Intro
05. Five Decapitated & Mutilated
06. Decay In A Corpse [Explore The Forensic]
07. Seven Stages
08. Diagnoses From The Dead
09. Brutal Asesinato [La Empalaron Con Una Escoba]
10. Practical Aspects Of Forensic Medicine
11. Untitled Live Song