• Image of Vaginal Anal / Jesus Hitler
  • Image of Vaginal Anal / Jesus Hitler

Format: CDr, Limited Edition
Label: Testicular Records
Released: 2017
Style: Noisecore, Grindcore
Info: Vaginal Anal / Jesus Hitler

Vaginal Anal
01. Intro
02. Sabado Preto
03. Orgias Com Seth Putnam,Gg Allin E Wendy O Williams
04. God Putnam
05. Führer
06. National Socialism Heaven
07. Rac??
08. Analcore
09. Hey Archagathus
10. Facebook Is Gay
11. Führer Sex God
12. Führer Is Not Homophobic
13. Hell Is Gay
14. Metalcore Is Gay
15. Gay Is Gay
16. Brashit
17. Dilma Fucks Brazil
18. Para De Se Cortar E Bota Logo A Corda No Pescoço
19. Pornogrind Cristão
20. I Prefer Jesus Hitler Than Adolf Satan
21. Back Of The Bus
Jesus Hitler
22. Sex, Drugs & Noise
23. One God, One Master (And His Name Is Seth Putnam)
24. Money Is Gay
25. No Matter What You Think, Seth, I Still Think That Hitler Is Cool
26. El Duce Was Too Ugly To Get Laid, So He Just Raped The Shit Out Of Everyone
27. Opening Hours Are Gay
28. Only Rape Matters
29. Watain Sucks!
30. King Kong Stole My Hummus
31. Life Is A Meme
32. Milking Merkels
33. Beating The Shit Out Of Marc Zuckerberg And His Sjw Army
34. Fistfucking My Wife With Jesus Christ's Bastard Penis
35. Isis Wants My Head Because I Raped Their Goat
36. Making A Project To Worship Seth Putnam Is Gay
37. Music Sucks
38. Outro